it's a new year::

It's a new year.
To laugh, explore, conquer, share.
 My wish to all is to love what you do..
and do a lot of it.
Sending you a handful of best wishes to go around.
May joy and peace be in your heart.


you can find me in the garden::

I envy gardeners, farmer types who can grow anything from a tiny seed. Like myself and many others this year is the year.. I'm giving gardening a whirl.
With a little help from the Mr. this project started from the ground up with a make do lumber pile we had on hand ready to roll. Soil with nutrients was purchased in a nearby garden center, fencing was purchased from a junker for $15 bucks huge savings here. Admire the vintage gate? That was a freebie.. yup free! If you follow me on Instagram you can view the #gardendiary and it's progress. Wishing now, I created a mini tutorial on all supplies needed and all measurements so you too can create a veggie garden from scratch. There is so much information out on the web you should do just fine. Try re-purposing materials first it will save you in your pocketbook in the long run. As far as planting goes we've had a spring frost thus far so, my estimated planting and transplanting of my herbs/veggies/flowers will be Memorial Day weekend. It's been a crazy spring weather wise, thank goodness I waited to plant.
I've learned so far having clear cut plans and appropriate tools makes a job a lot easier. Also, garden location is another subject my husband and I rubbed heads several times. He wanted more shade, I wanted full sun. Thinking now, I just want leafy fresh lettuce and basil for pesto. Silly, ha? By the way.. full sun won out in the end!
Like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to purchase every seed packet available to mankind. Eeek, we're just talking about a little garden 10x10 space nothing more. It's very exciting why did I wait so long? Hope your garden is magical this spring. Please do share any gardening trials and triumphs. Thanks for stopping!


green with envy::

Happy belated Earth Day!
How fortunate are we to see the beauty all around us.. I'm green with envy at those farmers/gardeners who make gardening seem so effortless. Here's some of my Instagram pics: 1.vintage green bike 2. green house envy @wallkillview farms 3.daffodils 4.earth day celebration 2015 New Paltz, NY @newpaltzclimateactioncoalition (basil plants)


estate sale treasure::

He was a craftsman that's all I knew of him. I wished I had learned more about this man and what drew him to his handiwork. His Daughter gave me a tour of the three bedroom house. Very retro decor with hints of farmhouse, an eclectic mix. She cried as she grieved the loss of her Dad. It touched me so all I could do was console this poor Woman, as I stood in one of the bedrooms with flowered wallpaper. We talked about pricing as I leaned over to grab a wooden oak box. She told me her Father made it and he enjoyed woodworking. I then told her she needed to keep it in his memory as she began to point out all the items he had made. "No, I have one"she exclaimed. "Whatever doesn't sell is going to auction!" I stopped and thought about her words. At this time, my husband was glancing at tools and gadgets in the shed. I made my purchase and went on my way.. It was like a movie trailer to me. It happened so fast I wanted to make a U turn and start from the very beginning the introduction. Ask her if she was ok and if she needed anything but, I didn't.What do you say to someone who is faced with loss of a loved one besides,"I'm sorry." I wanted to know his name, how many children he had and his wife's name. It made me wonder about so many things in life especially our legacy. Not to mention the stuff we collect and the memories we save for years. It dawned on me this three bedroom house was going to be sold along with it's contents to strangers. His son-in-law complained to my husband while there,"I told them not to buy this house." I wonder about their lives and hope they shared many happy times there. I can only hope that the family isn't burdened with it all and have help from loved ones. So many unanswered questions and thoughts filtering in my brain. My box sits on my dresser now for safekeeping. Lesson learned here..next time I'm definitely going to get a name.


feya candles on #findings::

Will you go on a journey with me today to feed our hungry? Let me introduce you to a great cause and yet another small business that inspired me to share on #findings.
Feya Candle creates 100% soy wax candles with all natural wicks based out of Morrison, Colorado. Feya's goal is to connect human life through food. It's Companies like Feya who have a desire and see a need to do something good for humanity. Their mission is clearly from the heart inspired by the love of family and their love of food. Food being the center of every family, Feya buys and delivers a meal to someone in need with every candle sold. Feya distributes food around the continents as far as Haiti and Nicaragua. Even close to home in soup kitchens in Nebraska and Colorado they are spreading joy. Making these people connections boosts self esteem, creates hope and faith in solving our world hunger problem. If not for a brief moment in someones life one candle at a time.
Since 2010, Feya has been pouring soy candles with no gmo's or artificial additives. If you never burned soy based candles before, you will be pleased with how clean then burn. Feya candles are no exception. Available in 10 fragrances and have over 50 hours burn time. They come in a convenient 6.5 oz size glass vessel great for gifting. May I suggest lemon, it's like a subtle hint of zest. Pure heaven in a jar! Just think with every purchase made you are fighting hunger. Many thanks to Sarah and Feya Candle for your exceptional devotion to this cause.

For more information about Feya Candle and their journey go to http://www.feyacandle.com
You can find Feya on FB, Twitter, IG (#WeAreFeya) Pinterest for updates.Want to carry Feya in your shop? For wholesale inquiries or questions about Feya Email:feyacandles@gmail.com 

Light a Candle Feed the World 
Above product photography: Elizabeth Hanley
Feya Candles


on my desk::

Just popping in to say Hello.. and see how things on your end are going. The weather here has been very cold. Hoping there is some sign of spring real soon. The past few days have been sunny which makes me want to nest, organize and of course shoot some pics of random stuff. That's always the case when lighting opportunities arise. It's dreamy and I can't wait to choose my prop or in this case desk accessories with a handful of wax flowers from the market. Aren't they sweet? I'm waiting for those little buds to open so dainty and very purple. I've been a busy bee lately. Working on a little project that I will share with all of you in the next few weeks. I have two #findings posts also coming soon.Yes, I didn't forget. If you want to share your biz on my blog.. go for it! Send me an email. Lastly, I just wanted to thank you all for making me smile, chuckle and sigh everyday on Instagram. Love seeing so much creativity in one place just amazing and super fun too. Time for me to get settled in. You know.. pj's and tea would be nice. Till next post- Liz


just because the moment was right::

Because sometimes the bottom of a serving bowl looks prettier in the morning light. A seldom moment in my kitchen deserving of a photograph. It has been an extremely bitter cold morning. I'm grateful for a warm home and pray for those whom don't have this luxury called heat. We've been tackling the ice situation with salt so, happy we did. Hubby has been joking around with the weather forecast telling me there is more snow coming.. really? yeah crazy man. For now, it's lizlovesvintage camp with staples like a heated blanket, soup and strawberries with whipped cream.. in that order. Hope your winter days are filled with warmth. Another findings post in the works. Back to the kitchen area to square things away while the boys are gone. xoxo Liz