an artsy escape::

In one word, "Spring." Lots to do this time of year so, blogging hasn't been on my agenda at least for now. Sorry friends!Instagram has been my artsy escape. Here are some of my favorite photographs including that wee lil nest I found this morning on a path. I'm loving my camera phone a tad too much these days is it too evident? Hope your days are filled with sunshine and nature's beauty- Liz  


saturday's floral inspiration::

This is what happens when you are standing in the produce aisle and the worker in the floral department is straightening and clipping flower petals to make everything fresh and new again.
Just like spring ..
and I arrived home with a bag full of petals that day.


Pops of color
Vibrant, soft, pink, purple, yellow

Emerging thoughts of happiness
I am so ready for spring. Aren't you?
So, spring came and left.. now, I patiently wait for the REAL spring to arrive. Won't be long.. till then, one can only DREAM.
                                                             Enjoy your weekend- Liz


a daughter's dedication::

My Dad was an artist. My fondest childhood memories of him were at his easel. Cigar in one hand, paintbrush in another. He was the happiest man alive.. Singing ballads, painting and enjoying his daughter this one and only. Oh, can't forget his gourmet sardine sandwiches. How on heaven could he eat those.
I remember Saturday morning jaunts to art supply shops. Talking art lingo with fellow artists and little me by his side taking it all in (smiles.) I remember rows of oil based paints, large canvas', brushes and turpentine (how I hated that smell.) I remember my first pack of cray pas and sketch book. His accent and his sneaky kisses on my forehead. How I miss those moments even today.. no matter how much older I become, he's still my Daddy to me and I miss him very much.
It seems like yesterday.. many yesterday's and today when asked who inspired me to write my article for Gatherings Magazine spring issue "Artists and Artisans" only one artist came to mind my Dad whom would ask "Did you finish that drawing in your sketch pad? " and "Why not?" gasp.
.. and to this day I have a special fondness for the arts, artists, anything artsy, craftsy, just NOT turpentine and sardines! lol.
So, without further adu stop by Gatherings Mag and check out the Spring issue dedicated to some mighty fine artsy folks. You're going to just be blown away by the Spring issue.
In remembrance and dedication to my one and only artistic Dad.
                                                                          - Ernst Jorgensen
 Love and miss you always! xo
 Your Daughter.


v is for valentine::

In every kind of weather let's be Valentine's together-unknown
Sending a Valentine message to all my friends near and far.. hugs and kisses from me to you. Have a very special day filled with love, warmth and cupid arrows. Happy Valentine's Day!


mason jars and pine needles::

I hope you enjoyed your holiday and your new year was sparkling too. The tree has since been removed and the many ornaments are all packed and stored away till next year. Some vignettes are still around for a few days more phew, getting there. While, I was removing the tree I stored some pine needles in mason jars so the aroma would linger on a little bit longer.. it smells so great around here. We're in the midst of a snowstorm today so, baking is next on my agenda.Vanilla pound cake here I come..  Stay warm and cozy my friends! Happy New Year ~ Elizabeth


happy new year folks!

My wish for you this coming year is the best of health and happiness...
May 2014 bring you the best of everything!
Thanks for all your kind comments and support of Lizlovesvintage
See you in the New Year!
xo Elizabeth 


deck the halls holiday sampler::

 Every year I say.. "less is more" and this year is no different then last. My little home is ready for Christmas.
 Vintage shiny brites, woodland props, papers, repros and vintage photographs adorn the fresh tree this year. Using vintage photographs to highlight the tree was my inspiration as a vintage photo of my mom as a child hangs from a tree branch (previous post- inspiration) A frayed quilt from the 1900's a hides the tree stand out of sight. Greenery mixed with dollar Store candles and clear vessels were perfect and affordable. I'll be using some of these also at the dinner table Christmas eve.

The gold guilded mirror gets a makeover too with a vintage fur collar (a flea market find) and a pine cone swag befitting the holiday's. Foraging for berries, branches and twigs this year was a fun outing. More greens were added to a large sap bucket I picked up from Country Living fair this year. Placed by the front door with vintage cameras and more lights add a glow. Ice skates were a yard sale find.. a steal at a buck this past summer. The kitchen hosts a candy cane theme and another floral arrangement with leftover greens and berries.

A Christmas message from a postcard reads: All Good Wishes For a Happy Christmas~ hung in a vintage leather purse for all to see. Have you decorated your home for the Holiday's? I hope this post inspires you to use what you have on hand may it be vintage or not. Mix and match the old with new finds and even forage in the woods for branches and berries like I did a week ago. Enjoy this fun time decking the halls. Leave me a comment with a website address so I can come see your home all fancy for the holiday season thanks! xo Liz