a little bee vintage redux on findings::

Welcome to yet another great findings post! Without further adieu I would like to introduce you to yet another talented friend of mine and kindred spirit Heather Breyer. Now, let's talk vintage. Influenced by her family, Heather's meager beginnings started at an early age because of a life long love affair with vintage hunting. She carried that love beside her to adulthood and started a small business Bee Vintage Redux shop on etsy. Saving a well put together collection of odds and ends paved the way to re purposing vintage finds. Old things certainly influenced her style without a doubt. You will swoon over her lovely assortment of jewelry pieces and useful home goods. Be inspired by her lovely blog: Oh Bee and her creative mindset.  Thanks Heather for sharing with all of us your beautiful vintage creations. For more links on where to shop vintage redux and browse look in the #findings tab conveniently located above this post. Have a terrific weekend. Best, Liz



...and for one single moment I was happy about this season called winter. View from the trail I walk even on snowy days. It's magical even in a blizzard. Hope you all have survived the snowstorm. Happy life- Liz


findings welcomes savvycityfarmer::

Good Morning,
Grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell. I'm sharing another #findings post with all of you and a third at that. I'm excited to introduce to you a fabulous stylist/vintage extraordinaire Joy Frey-Waltmire from Savvycityfarmer. Joy sells unique antiques, home accessories, hand painted furniture and re purposed curiosities. Serving local markets and on-line community for 15 years. Joy recently added a new private label home decor paint line in December 2014. Doesn't that sound fancy? Don't you just need some "Tool Shed Teal" to brighten up that thrift store score?
I have a secret.. shh. There's more maker made products from Savvycityfarmer coming soon. Please don't tell Joy I told you, wink.
Joy's small business is growing by leaps and bounds. I'm so happy to celebrate her success. A big thank you to Joy Frey-Waltmire for sharing her shop on #findings. For more information and links where to shop Savvycityfarmer just click on the findings tab listed above this post. Want to grow some brand awareness? Your biz can be included on #findings? Send an email lizhanley72@yahoo.com. Till next time, Liz


valentine whimsy::

I usually don't decorate for Valentine's day but,  I've been itching to do something crafty with these lovelies that were stored away. Grab some wire, old door knobs and valentines of different sizes. Cut wire to length and wrap making two small loops up top to use as a holder. Twist and adhere to knob using a small piece of aluminum foil inside knob for security, add your favorite valentine. You'll never guess who wants to be your valentine.. ME! Up next, another #findings coming soon. Liz


nifty findings by junxtaposition::

It's #findings second posting let's cheer. I'm hoping there will be many more of these sweet shops to share within these walls. I'm very pleased to introduce an example of some little hip handmade jewelry designs from JuNxtaposition by Jeanne Cherry. These unique up cycled creations are made with items that would have been discarded. This artsy placement of junk findings are eye catching and certainly make a statement and great conversation piece. Why not treat yourself to some today. Thanks Jeanne for sharing with all of us your creativity. Links in tab labeled "findings" directly above for your reference. Might I add, JuNxtaposition is a vendor at several shows including Country Living Fair so check out her blog and social media links for shows/times nearest you. Are you an artisan, emerging business, established, start up? Want to be included in #findings? Email me: lizhanley72@yahoo.com for information. I sense a craft project coming up next stay tuned. Have a great week. Liz 


findings is here! and bittersweet soap co ::

Glad you made it and I'm happy to share a sweet Apothecary Shop called Bittersweet Soap Company with all of you on #findings. Any information about Bittersweet is located in the upper tab labeled (findings) directly above this post.
Shop, browse and read all about shop owner- Jill and her brick and mortar shop.Thank you Jill for sharing with all of us.
If you are interested in #findings and it's meager beginnings you are at the right place. Shoot me an email. Or subscribe via email.. tab conveniently  located on your right to see what's new and happening here. Have a wonderful weekend. Liz

Image: via Bittersweet Soap Co.


i just love a good find::

Looking to share your brand/products? My new page #findings does just that share with no strings attached it's all new.. and yes it's free. I love sharing products that sway me and I'm sure my viewers would enjoy seeing them too. Email me your information along with an image to lizhanley72@yahoo.com to be included in "findings" and I'll share your site with a snippet of your info. That's all..  But, please take into consideration my blog and your brand so we can collaborate and mesh the two. #notjustvintage
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